Tips and Tricks

  • For perfect stainless steel
    Mist on Alvara Glass & Shine. Wipe with a dry microfiber towel. If it drips, you used too much, which may cause some irregularities.  If so, wipe with a wet towel or vinegar and let dry.
  • For perfect stainless steel pans
    After allowing the pan to cool, rinse the larger residual food off and spray Alvara Multi-Surface, Alvara Bath & Tile or Detox CP until it covers the bottom.  To degrease and remove carbon let stand, add a little water if you are going to leave it overnight.  Scrub with a brush or abrasive pad.  For heavy soil, a second application may be required.  Not recommended for pans with copper or copper alloy.
  • For perfect shower doors
    Use Alvara Bath & Tile or Detox CP to remove soap scum. If hard water marks remain, use Alvara Glass & Stainless, or Stainless concentrate or Detox GSC, 1/2tsp on a corner of dry microfiber towel. Polish, checking the corner for any discoloration which may cause streaking. Final wipe with the dry portion.
  • For removal of algae or mildew from grout, showers and wet areas
    Spray apply Alvara Bath & Tile or Detox CP on dry surfaces to remove soap scum, algae and mildew safely from stone, grout and fiberglass.  Scrub the area from top down until you work up bubbles, rinsing the brush frequently.  Rinse before the cleaned area dries.  Alvara and Detox products reduce future cleaning effort.
  • For efficient scrubbing on carpet
    For most shampoo machines, apply without backing up like a lawn mower. Many carpet machines have an attachment, leave the door open to bypass the vacuum. Just remember to close it when your rinsing.
  • To prime a fussy trigger sprayer
    Place the spray selector on "stream," and then gently squeeze the bottle while pumping the trigger.