Wes C, Tehachapi CA

My church has a carpeted sanctuary which frequently gets coffee stains and ground in crumbs from the fellowship after church services. For years we had spot-cleaned the stains with a wide variety of store-bought cleaners, only to see the stains return even worse than before. The residue of the leftover cleaners actually made our carpet dirtier, and not even water-only steam cleaning could help. We tried Detox Carpet Cleaner only ONE time and all the stains disappeared! I used it straight out of the bottle on the worst spots with a scrub brush, then applied the normal dilution over the rest of the carpet with a carpet cleaner machine, and finally used the machine to rinse and suck-up all the dirt. The carpet now looks better than it had in over ten years! I just bought a case of 12 more bottles, and even the Fed-Ex shipping was CHEAP compared to what I would expect elsewhere. GREAT PRODUCT!

Gaylene H, Bellevue WA

Your product is AMAZING and performed way beyond my expectations! My BBQ, which I thought I would need to replace because of the grunge, turned out beautiful - like new!  My windows are invisible because of how clear and clean they look.  I have used it in all areas of my kitchen (counter tops, appliances, cabinets, floors), and have not been disappointed.  It is the greatest ALL PURPOSE cleaner I have ever used! The results are spectacular! 

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Garrit, Pacific WA

My wife finally gave your Alvara product a try.  She was oddly inquisitive about the product and its “safeness” (having never heard of VOC before).  Finally convinced, she gave it a go on the stove and was blown away at how effectively it cut the grease and there was no “chemical cleaner” aftertaste in the air.  She asked me to pass along her compliments to the chef.


We had several pet urine and vomit spots on our carpets and tried regular green cleaners on them that cleaned but there was still discoloration where the spots had been. We did not want to use any harsher chemical compounds as I have asthma and can experience breathing issues from industrial strength cleaners. We decided to try Alvara, used as directed for spot removal, and there is no more visual discoloration. It was actual cleaner than the rest of the carpet in the room. In my opinion, Alvara cleans as well as industrial strength cleaners without the harsh chemicals. That's a win-win in my book.

Dave S.

We had an accident cooking dinner and our entree got burned, in a stainless steel pot, leaving a very deep, thick crust of charred food on the inside bottom. Scrubbing it was going to take lots of time and energy I just didn’t have.  So, I let it sit over night in water and dish soap to loosen up.  In the morning, when I checked the pot, none of the burnt food had released; what a mess.  It was vary charred, and what is worse, I’m facing the long scrub and scrap and scrub and rinse to get it clean by hand.   Then, my wife suggested letting it sit in Alvara over night, instead of dish soap and water.  I really didn’t want to scrub it by hand, so, I gave Alvara a try.  Come morning, nearly all the burnt food had loosened from the pot.  It wiped right out!  One tiny spot remained, and it wiped out the next morning.  It was so easy; no scrubbing or scrapping. Thanks, Alvara, you saved me from a lot of dirty work. 

Lynn, VA

I have been searching for a green cleaner that worked as well as regular cleaning products for several years without much success because I am very sensitive to chemicals.  My husband came home one day with some samples of this new product for me to try.  Two days later, my oldest son came home sick from work and projectile vomited his lunch all over his bed and carpet in his room.  It was a perfect opportunity to test the new product.  The Alvara Natural Cleaner was amazing.   I threw some in the washing machine with his bed covers and my regular laundry soap and it all came out perfectly clean - like brand new.  And then I also used it in my carpet cleaner for the floor and everything came out.  The carpet looked brand new.  I didn't have to use any spot treatment.  I am very excited about this green cleaner that does an excellent job cleaning and doesn't use any harsh chemicals or leave behind any harsh chemicals.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a clean home and is worried about using harsh chemicals.


Susan, Lakewood WA

I really wanted you to know that you have a great product. It far exceeds what I have used in the past.

Al, North Carolina

I was a bit skeptical when I first tried your product. There are a lot of "all natural" cleaners out there, these days. However, when I tried it on an old ink stain in my carpet, I was totally blown away! I had tried everything to get that stain out. Your product worked far better than anything else I had tried. After letting it sit for 20 minutes, I started dabbing at the stain, and it started coming up! Nothing else had worked. Now, I use it for everything. The best part is: there is no harsh chemical smell afterwards. It leaves everything "simply clean". It is an amazing product. I am even turning a friend, who is very sick with MS, on to it. She can''t take any kind of odor, least not harsh chemical odors. I know she will love this. Thank you for making such an amazing product!

Dana C

I used Detox Carpet cleaner on my wool carpet that was professionally cleaned to remove a coke stain that wasn’t removed by the professional carpet machine.  I first tested the product on a small area of the carpet to see if the product would work, and to my amazement it removed the stain within minutes.  I was very impressed with this product.  I spent hundreds of dollars trying to remove stains from my carpet and this environmental product removed the stains that have been on my carpet for years.  Thank you Detox Environmental.