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Detox AC 4 Gallon Case

Detox AC Advanced Cleaner is a natural cleaning products for hard surfaces. Removes mildew and other allergens with no toxic chemicals.  Formulated for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities (MCS).

Certified ultra low emission & 97% biobase: no fumes or VOCs, ultra-low odor.

Our products are 99.9998% free of common VOCs such as formaldehyde.  Does your cleaning product substantiate their claims.

BioPreferred Label CP

Convenient concentrated gallon for mixing sprayers at 1:1 for sinks, shower, bath, and tile; safe on stone and grout.  Spray apply, or add 2oz to the toilet bowl.  Mix 1:16 for mop buckets, 1:12 for carpet extraction machines.  

Use for tough stains, soap scum, odor, and greasy messes in the bath room, kitchen, and garage.  Removes and inhibits mold and other allergens.  Removes nearly any smell on hard non-porous surfaces when soaked.  Spray and let dwell up to 30 minutes.  For tough toilet mineral deposits, use 2oz and let sit overnight, rewetting occationally before scrubbing.


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