Introduction to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

feeling fatigued?

Do you feel fatigued or have “brain fog” on a regular basis?  Maybe you feel nausea, get headaches, or dizziness.  Do your joints hurt or you have skin issues?  If you’ve noticed these symptoms paired or triggered with chemical smells or scents, you could have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).[1]

Like any other allergens, you may not know you have an allergy until you remove it.  Reported symptoms are usually vague and non-specific, with complaints about felling tired, fatigued, muscle pain or having issues concentrating.  Other symptoms of MCS include difficulty breathing, asthma, skin conditions and neurological symptoms, such as nerve pain, or pins and needles.  MCS has also been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraine, and depressive or anxiety disorder. The symptoms often increase over time.

The majority of research on this disorder has been since 1999, and is rapidly gaining recognition.  Several clinical studies, including health complaints associated with Gulf War Syndrome, show the prevalence in the general population being 16% to 33%[2]  While 11% to 16% the general population is found to have hypersensitivity to common chemicals, 31% of those sampled report adverse reactions to fragrances.[3]

What can you do?  While there is no consensus on clinical tests, nor is there a “cure”.  You can remove the chemicals and odors from your environment and see a health practitioner.  Three of our four partners suffer from these symptoms.  Our product has made a positive impact on our quality of life and we would like to share that with others suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  Our products have no fragrance and no dyes.  Our carpet, bath & tile, and all-purpose products were certified for 0.002ppm VOC emissions.

Both Alvára and Detox Natural Cleaning solutions are formulated for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.  Effective cleaning power, hypoallergenic, no VOCs.

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[1] Anderson R.C., Anderson J.H. 1999. Sensory irritation and multiple chemical sensitivity. Toxicology and Industrial Health

[2] Donnay, Albert H. (1999), "On the Recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Medical Literature and Government Policy"

[3] Caress S.M., Steinemann A.C. A National Population Study of the Prevalence of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Archives of Environmental Health 59(6): 300‐305, 2004

[4] Shipping not included.  You must return at least half the unused product, shipping if required, paid by purchaser.  One order per customer.