Q: The product is making a white streaking film.  A: Many common cleaning products leave a residue that our cleaning product is engineered to chemically bind to and remove, this is what is creating the streaking. It should only happen the first time until the previous residue is removed.

Q: The sprayer won't work.  A: Put the sprayer on "stream" and gently squeeze the bottle while pumping the trigger.

Q: Why does the Glass & Stainless product streak?  A: You're likely using too much.  A little goes a long way, mist GS from 18"-24", if it drips, you've used way too much.  Using a wet microfiber towel with no product on it, wipe down the stainless steel and let dry.  Don't use paper towels.

Q: How do I apply the carpet cleanser without removing it with my machine? A: Apply without backing up like a lawn mower.  -OR-  Many carpet machines have an attachment, leave the door open to bypass the vacuum.  Just remember to close it when your rinsing.

Q: Can I drink it?  A: It's a cleaner, you really shouldn't drink it.  We publish toxicity data to establish how non-toxic our cleaner is compared to others (and please compare MSDS sheets).  As with any other cleaner, keep out of reach of children.