Detox Environmental LLC manufactures non-toxic, ultra-low emission, Green cleaning products, with high efficacy normally associated with toxic products.  Our cleaning products break down and absorb odors instead of covering them up, and our no emission formulations are specifically engineered for people with allergies and Multiple-Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).  A non-toxic, hypoallergenic, cleaner, it's safe for your environment and the lives that thrive in it. 

Both our janitorial labeled cleaning products for Detox and Alvára our retail label for home cleaning power through mineral stains, soap scum, shoe scuff marks, as well as organics such as blood and urine.  All while meeting reference Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) emissions standards for many best practice maintenance programs.  Our products have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with a wide range of flooring and hard surfaces. We've done head to head tests with most commonly available cleaners to provide you with an effective cleaner that is non-toxic for you and the environment.

Detox Environmental LLC is a certified small business that manufactures non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaning solutions for people with allergies and Multiple-Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). 

What is the benefit?  Between 16% and 20% of American's have developed a sensitivity to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), depending on the study cited.  The California Department of Health Services found 15.9% suffer from hypersensitivity to common chemical substances in 1999.  Recent studies between 2004-2013 state the number of people coping with mild MCS is closer to 20% and approximately 30% are sensitive to fragrances.  Our formulas have been tested  for both short-term acute and long-term chronic exposure levels that are far below most industrial exposure levels at LESS THAN .002ppm.  That’s less than 2 parts per billion.  Our products contain NO carcinogens, NO cancer toxins, NO phthalates, and the VOCs are practically zero!

The other benefits of our product is its efficacy and its "free and clear" formula.  We've tested many "Green" products, and most don't work well or have fragrance, a common VOC.  Our various products can be used for carpet and hard flooring, kitchens, appliances, restrooms, chrome, glass, stainless steel, mirrors, and much more!  The positive feedback from our users says it all; read what Gaylene in WA said:

"Your product is AMAZING and performed way beyond my expectations! My BBQ, which I thought I would need to replace because of the grunge, turned out beautiful - like new!  My windows are invisible because of how clear and clean they look.  I have used it in all areas of my kitchen (counter tops, appliances, cabinets, floors), and have not been disappointed.  It is the greatest ALL PURPOSE cleaner I have ever used! The results are spectacular!"

There are very few cleaning solutions able to meet these strict criteria.  We are committed to providing "Green" cleaning products for sensitive and allergic individuals, that are non-toxic and non-VOC, because three of our four business partners suffer from MCS symptoms!  It has helped us dramatically, and we want to help others with MCS.

Here are more testimonials from Dana, Ryan, and Lynn in Virginia:

Dana: "I used Detox Environmental Natural Cleaner on my wool carpet that was professionally cleaned to remove a coke stain that wasn’t removed by the professional's carpet machine.  I first tested the product on a small area of the carpet to see if the product would work, and to my amazement it removed the stain within minutes.  I was very impressed with this product.  I spent hundreds of dollars trying to remove stains from my carpet and this environmental product removed the stains that have been on my carpet for years.  Thank you Detox Environmental."

Ryan: "We had several pet urine and vomit spots on our carpets and tried regular green cleaners on them that cleaned but there was still discoloration where the spots had been. We did not want to use any harsher chemical compounds as I have asthma and can experience breathing issues from industrial strength cleaners. We decided to try Alvára®, used as directed for spot removal, and there was no more visual discoloration. It was actual cleaner than the rest of the carpet in the room. In my opinion, Alvára® cleans as well as industrial strength cleaners without the harsh chemicals. That's a win-win in my book."

 Lynn: "I am very sensitive to chemicals, and I have been searching for a green cleaner that worked as well as regular products and I found one: CP Natural Cleaner.  One afternoon, my son came home sick from work and vomited all over his bed and carpet.  I used the CP cleaner in the washing machine with his bedding and it all came out spotless.  Then, I used CP in my carpet cleaner and his carpet looked brand new, and I didn't do any spot pre-treatment.  How awesome is that: a green cleaner that works and doesn't use harsh chemicals!"

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